Internal Logistics

In each enterprise, a number of important logistics decisions are made every day, which affect the current functioning. In order to achieve the best results, you are looking for answers to many bothering questions like:

  • How to optimize the route of vehicles or forklifts?
  • Is the storage area optimally utilized?
  • How to speed up unloading?

Simulation with FlexSim helps you to find correct answers in a few seconds!

FlexSim can help you in:

  • Creating a concept of material flow system,
  • Organization of internal transport,
  • Simulation of the packaging process in an automatic warehouse,
  • Optimization of the distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products,
  • Layout optimization,
  • Reorganization of the storage zone,
  • Optimization of transport processes in a cross-dock warehouse,
  • Analysis and optimization of the picking process,
  • Optimization of picking in an automatic container warehouse,
  • Routes planning,
  • Optimal warehouses designing.


Let us show you the power of simulation with FlexSim!