Simulation Business Tour 2024

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  • Knowledge. Learn from our experts what process simulation is, when it’s useful, and how to apply it.
  • Success Stories. Learn about the impact and benefits of the projects we deliver.
  • Users Feedback. Meet professionals from various industries already using simulation and see how they do it. Find out if it works for them.
  • High-Tech Tools. You will learn about serious simulation games and test FlexSim in Virtual Reality.

Are you considering using the world’s best process simulation solution? Are you facing the challenge of starting the digitalization process of your company? Are you interested in ‘Digital Twin’ and want to see examples of its practical application? Do you need a reliable and modern tool to help you continuously improve the processes you are responsible for? Or maybe you are a teacher, for example in manufacturing engineering or logistics, and you are looking for ideas that will make your classes unique and loved by your students?

If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘YES’… You are close to solving it!

InterMarium is a company composed of experts in the field of digital twin development. We promote the world’s best simulation environment, FlexSim simulation software. We help achieve operational excellence and produce innovative serious simulation games that are used in the teaching process in high schools and universities.

Join us at an event of your choice on the Simulation Business Tour and take your first step into the world of this powerful technology. We want to prove to all attendees, in an accessible way and based on real case studies, that an investment in simulation technology is exactly what you, as a professional or educator, and your organization need! The content we provide will be reinforced by the success stories of our satisfied customers from various industries.

Select a city, take a look at the agenda, fill out a short registration form, and wait for the invitation. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact me.

Krystian Kogut  |  e-mail:  |  mobile: +48 533 322 720

See you in Mlada Boleslav, Budapest, or Brno! Do not wait and secure your place today!


Events in English

Venue: eMBe pivovar a restaurace, Na Klenici 46/9, Mladá Boleslav
Co-organizer: František Šrajer (
Key speaker I: Tomáš Sauer, FORVIA HELLA
Key speaker II: Martin Hanzl, Miele Technika
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Venue: Exe Budapest Center, 7-9 Kossuth Lajos utca, Budapest
Key speaker I: Dávid Czirkó, EPIC Innolabs
Key speaker II: Vedran Radinović-Lukić, Grundfos
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Venue: Hotel Continental, Kounicova 6, Brno
Co-organizer: Pavel Scholz (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Key speaker I: Zdeněk Kadlec,
Key speaker I: Milan Ďuračka, ZKW Slovakia
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Events in Polish

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