InterMarium Simulation Conference – ISC 2024

September 26, 2024 – Krakow, Poland

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InterMarium Simulation Conference

September 14, 2023

Hotel Qubus Kraków, 2nd floor, rooms A, B, C, D, E
9:00Opening and introduction
Dr. Witold Cempel | FlexSim InterMarium | Poland
9:15Prof. Allen G. Greenwood | FlexSim Software Products | USA
Simulation as a Project
10:00Paweł Woźny | Astor | Poland
The real success story
10:30Coffee Break – VR Area
11:00Prof. Damian Krenczyk | Silesian University of Technology | Poland
From digital model to digital twin – application of simulation models in production management
11:45Graham Shackle | RPM Global & InterMarium | Bulgaria
HAULSIM – Optimizing mining production using Discrete Event Simulation
12:05Marcin Maj | Soudal | Poland
Filling line optimization using FlexSim simulation model
12:30Lunch Break
13:30Sebastian Hemmann | FlexSim Deutschland | Germany
Comparison of strategies for order picking
14:00Maurizio Giubilato & Luciano Cavallero | Flexcon | Italy
Simulation & Emulation with FlexSim
15:00Coffee Break – VR Area
15:30Anthony Johnson | FlexSim Software Products | USA
FlexSim’s Capabilities Today and in the Future
16:30Debate “How to use and teach FlexSim effectively”
Dawid Dąbal | FlexSim InterMarium | Poland
Anthony Johnson | FlexSim Software Products | USA
Marcin Kaźmierski | Jabil | Poland
Konrad Lewczuk | Warsaw University of Technology | Poland
17:15Coffee Break
17:30Tomasz Mitręga & Patryk Żuchowicz | FlexSim InterMarium | Poland
Virtual Reality and advanced visualization show
18:30End of the presentation part – Break
19:00Simulation Ambassador Award Gala
Jazz concert of the Mikołaj Budniak Quartet | Poland
Networking while enjoying refreshments
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Confirmed presenters

prof. Allen G. Greenwood, Ph.D., P.E., FlexSim Software Products, USA
Simulation Education Specialist at FlexSim Software Products, Inc. and Professor Emeritus of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Mississippi State University
Simulation as a Project
There are many aspects of simulation but when it is applied, it is a project. This presentation discusses how and why the fundamentals of project management must be integral to any simulation. Approaching simulation from a project perspective greatly increases the chances of success and thus is important to those in industry and academia.
Paweł Woźny, ASTOR, Poland
Senior Specialist for Intralogistics Project Preparation in the Intralogistics Department.
He has been involved in intralogistics, interoperative flows, automation, and robotics projects. His expertise lies in developing solution concepts, analyzing production data, preparing simulations, and optimizing intralogistics challenges using conventional conveyors or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).
Graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics and Machine Construction at Poznań University of Technology.
The real success story
The way made by ASTOR’s Intralogistics Line Department from classic manual analysis to creating simulation models with FlexSim.
Prof. Damian Krenczyk, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
From digital model to digital twin – application of simulation models in production management
Based on my 20 years of experience in using simulation tools, I will try to introduce you to the main areas of application of computer modeling and simulation and tell you how computer simulation models can support today’s production managers, and where these methods may find application tomorrow.
Graham Shackle, RPM Global & InterMarium, Bulgaria
InterMarium Sales Agent. With over 30 years of experience in information technology, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Mining, Graham brings a unique view on how industries can learn from each other to maximize the benefits of technologies. Graham started as a system integrator in the UK before spending 25 years in South Africa implementing and developing ERP, Asset Management, and Planning solutions, currently, he is focused on growing the adoption of new technologies in the mining industry from his new home in Bulgaria.
HAULSIM – Optimizing mining production using Discrete Event Simulation
The presentation will cover what makes HAULSIM unique in the industry, how it utilizes FlexSim to deliver previously unachievable results to our customers, and how it is being adapted to meet the new challenges faced by mining.
Marcin Maj, Soudal, Poland
Chief Engineer at Soudal – the largest manufacturer of single-component polyurethane foams in Poland. Responsible for technical and investment matters. He holds a master’s degree in computer science and postgraduate studies in production management and optimization. In addition, he is an experienced KAIZEN trainer with international certification. Marcin has experience in automobile industry automation and has participated in the launch of many factories and production lines in European, Asian, and American markets.
He is currently deeply involved in studying the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of integrating Industry 4.0 tools to improve various aspects of manufacturing, with a focus on the bottom line. Enthusiast of artificial intelligence and creative problem-solving.
Filling line optimization using FlexSim simulation model
Sebastian Hemmann, FlexSim Deutschland, Germany
FlexSim Distributor in Germany. Educated in traffic control systems, working with FlexSim since 2007, managing the engineering bureau.
Comparison of strategies for order picking
Comparison of 2 different strategies and some sub-strategies. The use of Experimenter to do some experiments with all (sub-) strategies, various numbers of operators, size of carts, and rack configurations — a great example of FlexSim application in minor projects.
Maurizio Giubilato, M.Sc. Eng. & Luciano Cavallero, M.Sc. Eng., Flexcon, Italy
Flexcon is a FlexSim Distributor in Italy.
Maurizio Giubilato is a Founder and Managing Director of Flexcon, with experience in the use of various simulation tools, including FlexSim, starting from 1996.
Luciano Cavallero is the Team Leader/Project Manager for Robotics, Emulation, and Digital Twin at Flexcon. Simulation software developer, with vast experience in simulation projects.
Simulation & Emulation with FlexSim
Industrial automated system models created using simulation techniques try to provide a similar behavior to the system. This is usually achieved by using simplified approximations or assumptions, to obtain an idea of how the system reacts and analyze its outputs.
FlexSim Emulation module provides the connection with real control software, allowing FlexSim to be a suitable platform for Virtual Commissioning, making it more beneficial during the entire system life cycle.
Anthony Johnson, FlexSim Software Products, USA
He has been with FlexSim since 2000. Currently, he leads FlexSim development.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University, and a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University.
FlexSim’s Capabilities Today and in the Future
Jazz concert and paintings exhibition
A quartet under the aegis of double bassist Mikołaj Budniak. Band member, Marek Batorski, is a soprano and tenor saxophone, award-winning painter, and lecturer. His paintings provide inspiration for the music he creates. The result is the released album ‘Vision Of Village’. Our guests will be able to hear some of the melodies from this album. In addition, the repertoire includes jazz standards and compositions by Andrew Cudzich. Take a taste of what you can expect with ‘The Summer Knows’ truck, from the album by Marek Batorski.

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