Is it possible to simulate the continuous processes?

It's possible with FloWorks - powerful FlexSim extension, that allows analysis and optimization of continuous processes. FloWorks is a completely new approach, combining discrete events and continuous processes into continuous event driven calculations. This approach involves modeling of continuous processes as a network of flows.

What can be simulated?

FloWorks is used in modeling of supply chain, chemical plants, food production and any other industry in which basis of operation is mass, liquid or gas flow.

With the help of FloWorks, you can simulate any type of flow - from chemical processes, through production lines to electric grids. If only the flow can be defined as linear, FloWorks allows you to quickly and accurately integration of processes in a discreet model.

Support for decisions makers

FloWorks allows you to make the best investment decision by simulating and analyzing alternative solutions. It allows to predict the impact of uncertainty, breakdowns and even the weather on the timeliness of production and deliveries.

Full integration with FlexSim

FloWorks models are created in the same way as standard FlexSim models, using drag & drop technique and user friendly interface.

Try the FloWorks software at no cost and get the advantage with knowledge!