FlexSim General Purpose

FlexSim - software for demanding customers

A powerful and user friendly tool

FlexSim software allows for intuitive mapping and optimization of advanced processes taking place in the analyzed industry. Production, logistics and services are the fields most often supported by the FlexSim simulation solution. The tool is also user-friendly - allows to build the first model just in a few moments and it's equipped in advanced simulation and optimization mechanisms that allow you to get surprising results.

Easy to use

FlexSim is easy to use. Thanks to the extensive library of 3D objects, it is possible to precisely reproduce the analyzed process - production line, warehouse or customer service process, only using the drag and drop technique. Flexible and easy to configure statistics of processes allow you to get a full picture of the modeled activities.

The power you need

Advanced algorithms together with statistical tools allow mapping the natural variability of the process. Thanks to these tools, it is also possible to analyze a large number of alternative scenarios in order to find a solution, to confirm the legitimacy of making strategic decisions, find the optimal solution from hundreds of possibilities or even create the best production plan.

FlexSim is the best answer to the questions posed during production management and logistics.

Modeling → Simulation → Optimization

Visualization in 3D and VR

No more boring 2D modeling. Time for something truelly amazing! Model from the beginning built in 3D. We have to admit, that sometimes we do treat the model building as a good computer game 🙂

Virtual Reality allows you to get inside the model and test it using VR glasses or  cave automatic virtual environment!

Ease of use

Built-in object libraries used with drag and drop technique and intuitive methods of building flows - just install the program and in a few clicks you will be able to build your first model! It's really cool!

Fitted to your needs

Do you always expect something more from IT solutions? Do you have an unique ecquipment and products or just want the model to look exactly like in reality? Import your 3D objects, CAD plans, create additional libraries and adapt the model to your very personal needs.


Discover the causes of congestion, places that need improvements and these capable for productivity boost. Add live charts and statistics to the model, and then easily generate reports summarizing the results of the proposed changes and improvements.

Optimization with simulation

FlexSim has a built-in mechanism for generating experiments and checking alternative scenarios. The OptQuest® add-on is another advanced tool that comes to help in solving very complex decision problems. The optimal solution from several hundred thousand possibilities after just a few minutes of search? It's simple with OptQuest®.

Try FlexSim software at no cost and benefit from knowledge!