FlexSim Healthcare

Ease of use

Managing processes in healthcare considering limitations resulting from specialist personnel and materials, exceeds the possibilities of ordinary spreadsheets. Simulation allows you to create a virtual model by merging all aspects of management of healthcare facilities. This is possible thanks to the patient-oriented attitude and simple drag & drop technique.


In fact, it is impossible to predict a schedule of patients arriving at a given facility. Except of some unusual events taking place in the area, this is random and unpredictable. By means of simulation, we can reflect the diversity of the process.

Simulation in FlexSim Healthcare is more than just imitating the system. Indeed, real data and statistical distributions are used to provide predictive analyzes in any area of health care.


Effectiveness and Efficiency

We realize that many processes and procedures occurring in health care cannot be accelerated without endangering the life or health of patients. Our optimization is not about reckless increase efficiency. We are looking for the optimal pace at which the facility can work most effectively involving the minimum number of personnel and reducing costs.

Conscious decisions making

FlexSim Healthcare supports conscious decision-making. Each of the acceptable options can be thoroughly analyzed. Thanks to this, based on insightful animation, statistical reporting and scenario analysis, a solution with a minimum risk level is easy to identify.

What can be simulated?

FlexSim Healthcare has special objects libraries adapted to model processes in healthcare facilities. They allow easy and quick mapping of:

  • patients flow,
  • medical and auxiliary staff work,
  • the use of resources, medical equipment and premises,
  • evacuation process.

FlexSim Healthcare is a comprehensive simulation software designed specifically to meet demanding needs of modern healthcare facilities!