Exe Budapest Center
7-9 Kossuth Lajos utca
1053 Budapest


8:30 – 9:00Welcome Coffee \ VR Stand
9:00 – 9:05OpeningKrystian Kogut | InterMarium
9:05 – 9:30What is SIMULATION?Dawid Dąbal | InterMarium
9:30 – 10:00Our ‘Ecosystem’: Much more than a technologyKrystian Kogut | InterMarium
10:00 – 10:30Why FlexSim?Dávid Czirkó | EPIC Innolabs
Norbert Kiss | EPIC Innolabs
10:30 – 11:00Coffee Break \ VR Stand
11:00 – 11:30Enhance the Conceptual, Preliminary Design,
and Verification Phases with FlexSim
Vedran Radinović-Lukić | Grundfos
11:30 – 12:30Case Study Show: From Simulation Model to Digital TwinDawid Dąbal | InterMarium
12:30 – 13:15Coffee Break \ VR Stand
13:15 – 13:45Serious Simulation Games by InterMariumPatryk Żuchowicz | InterMarium
13:45 – 15:30Workshop: Live simulation of your ideasDawid Dąbal | InterMarium
*Please note that the Agenda is still evolving, so please expect to see some changes.

Information about presentations and presenters

Key Speaker I:
Dávid Czirkó | EPIC Innolabs
Graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a mechatronics engineer in 2016. Joined SZTAKI’s (owner of EPIC) simulation team in 2015, so he has been working on discrete event simulation related projects for 10 years. Started as a junior simulation engineer, currently the team leader of the simulation team at EPIC InnoLabs.
He has participated in factory simulation projects in Hungary, the USA, China, Malaysia, Vietnam.
Norbert Kiss | EPIC Innolabs
Graduated as a mechatronics engineer from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Joined EPIC InnoLabs in 2021 as a junior simulation engineer during his studies. Participated in several Hungarian and international simulation projects in different fields, such as hospital simulation, proof of concept for a planned battery cooling system assembly line, and capacity planning for new storage systems.
Presentation Description:
Why FlexSim?
Learn how EPIC, a long-time user of other simulation tools, decided to add FlexSim to their project toolbox. Two examples of models created using FlexSim and competing simulation tools will be presented: one from the food industry and one from the automotive industry.
Key Speaker II:
Vedran Radinović-Lukić, Grundfos
MSc Mechanical Engineer currently working as Senior Manager for AME Simulation in Grundfos
Enhance the Conceptual, Preliminary Design, and Verification Phases with FlexSim.
Dawid Dąbal | InterMarium
Vice President and Director of the FlexSim Program at InterMarium, leading expert in computer-aided modeling, simulation, optimization, and visualization technologies, supported by FlexSim 3D simulation software.
Certified Business Process Simulation Modeler, Business Process Simulation Consultant, and Process Optimization Consultant.
FlexSim instructor at all levels, educated in FlexSim Software Products, Inc.. The richest experience he gained in the automotive and e-commerce industries.
Dawid will present before you three times:
First, the audience will be introduced to process simulation in FlexSim. You will learn where, when, and why simulation is used, as well as the added value to the user of using this technology.
From Simulation Model to Digital Twin.
In the second presentation, our expert will share a cross-section of his 12 years of experience with the FlexSim tool, including examples from logistics and manufacturing.
You will have the opportunity not only to see simulation models but also to learn about the background of each of them. The presenter will not avoid addressing the biggest challenges of simulation projects. There will also be a description of the initial data required from the client, and of course, identified weaknesses of the analyzed systems and proposed improvements.
Workshop: Live simulation of your ideas.
In this presentation, we invite your active participation. An expert will take on the challenge of building a simulation model, live, based on your suggestions, wishes, and topics.
It’s worth thinking now about what you would like to see in the model Dawid builds in front of you. Perhaps, it will be the most common or problematic element of the system you are responsible for in your workplace.
Krystian Kogut | InterMarium
Director of International Sales and member of InterMarium’s Board of Directors.
Since 2017, he has been responsible for InterMarium’s extensive sales and marketing activities. He accompanies customers throughout their joint journey with InterMarium – from the first contact, through the purchase process, to after-sales service, together with the entire team, making every effort to ensure that the investment in simulation technology brings the customer the maximum benefit. Creates and works with a network of local InterMarium representatives.
Our ‘Ecosystem’: Much more than a technology.
InterMarium is more than a provider of technologically advanced process improvement solutions. The company’s ambition is to be a partner in the growth of its customers. To achieve this, in addition to technology and mastery of its application, we are constantly developing a series of projects, products, services, and resources that allow us to create the most comprehensive offering in the field of process simulation. This is what we call an ecosystem. Learn how we support our customers and what you get (besides the best technology) by working with us.
Patryk Żuchowicz | InterMarium
He is involved in process simulation, mainly in the e-commerce industry. In recent years, he has become InterMarium’s main specialist in the development of Serious Simulation Games used in didactics in higher and vocational education, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) models for on-the-job training on production and assembly lines.
An instructor in the use of FlexSim software.
He holds certifications for The Certification for Business Process Simulation Modeler and The Certification for Process Flow Consultant.
Serious Simulation Games by InterMarium.
Serious Simulation Games has been introduced by InterMarium to bridge the gap between the theory, taught by teachers, and its application and deviations in the real world. With the games, students learn a skill or perform a task by recreating real-life situations. By engaging students in immersive, experiential learning experiences, these games help bridge the gap between theory and practice and better prepare students for success in their chosen fields. Similar simulators can also be used in industry for training purposes. Learn more about the idea from the lead developer and see expected and unexpected examples.
Moreover, throughout the event, there will be an opportunity to test the FlexSim tool in Virtual Reality (VR), and we will present models selected and tailored to the profile of the participants, such as a simulation game on warehouse logistics or a simulation model with high-quality visualization of the production process.

Each presentation will include time for questions from the audience.


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