Textbook: Applied Simulation

Applied Simulation: Modeling and Analysis using FlexSim, by Malcolm Beaverstock PhD, Allen Greenwood, PhD PE, Eamonan Lavery PhD and William Nordgren, since its introduction in 2010 has become an integral part of curriculums in colleges and universities throughout the world. There are several reasons for its success:

  • the unique application focus of the book
  • the ease of use and robustness of FlexSim Simulation Software
  • FlexSim’s continuing commitment to both students and educators

A clearly marked division of users (readers) into occasional, intermediate and advanced, and hence - dedicating to them individual chapters makes the book useful in academic teaching, in research or in business. The authors indicate and explain what the specific benefits in the use of simulation technologies are (feasibility assessment, cost prevention, designing details of new processes and operations, simulation of current processes and operations). It should be noted, however, that the book is not a FlexSim user's manual. It applies to simulation technologies, and the concepts and simulation methods presented in it have been applied in the examples of FlexSim models.


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