FlexSim Training Courses

In this section, you can find information about the FlexSim training we provide:

  • Description of full training course
  • Training for a closed group of members of your organization only adapted to your needs
  • Regular FlexSim classes, open to anyone – schedule for upcoming months

Full FlexSim Training Course

Passing the full training cycle allows you to work independently with the FlexSim tool to efficiently and quickly create simulation models, even of high complexity, in the field of your professional activity.

The quality of our training is an absolute priority. Therefore, our training is led by practitioners with extensive experience, not only in providing training but also in commercial projects in multiple industries.

FlexSim BasicsThe course introduces new users to the FlexSim environment and helps create models using both: the built-in 3D object library and Process Flow activity blocks. After the course, the participant can build basic models in the FlexSim environment using the 3D objects library. In addition, the participant acquires the knowledge and skills to build the logic of the simulation model based on the prepared block diagram (Process Flow).4 days
Flexsim AdvancedThis course is for those who have basic knowledge and skills related to process modeling and simulation in a FlexSim environment. After the course, the participant can build advanced models in the FlexSim environment using the 3D objects library. In addition, the participant acquires knowledge and skills to build and customize the logic of the simulation model using access to its internal structure (model tree).3 days
Implementation WorkshopThe workshop is a great opportunity to apply knowledge gained during Basic and Advanced training in the first, serious, simulation projects. Under the direction of an experienced simulation engineer, the participant is practicing the modeling of the processes in areas that are particularly relevant to the specific industry in which the trainee is employed (warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, etc.). Implementation workshop is a kind of bridge between training and the smooth and effective application of acquired knowledge in everyday work.4 days

The training package includes:

  • 1-month access to the FlexSim educational platform (tutorial videos database),
  • 1-month access to the full FlexSim educational license,
  • all models developed during the training by the instructor,
  • a certificate of participation in the training
  • Final Exam & Certificate*

*After the participant successfully passes the exam, we issue a certificate of competence, authorized by FlexSim Software Products, Inc. and recognized worldwide.

Training plan adapted to your needs

We try to carefully discern the needs of each client (the industry in which they operate and the specifics of the potential use of simulation technology) to teach each one those aspects of working with the tool that will be most useful. If you would like your training to be as efficient as possible and ensure participants will be prepared to create useful simulations of YOUR SPECIFIC systems, ordering closed training with us is the right choice. It’s a guarantee that the instructor will be focused only on your needs.

Training is conducted in English, Czech, or Polish; online or in Krakow, or on the client’s site. It can be fully customized – just tell us what would you like to learn about the use of the FlexSim simulation tool and we will teach you that!

FlexSim Classes

The main characteristic of open training is that anyone can join. No matter if you are a lecturer, student, or professional from whichever industry. Of course, inviting trainees from diverse backgrounds does not allow us to adopt the scope of training and approach to the specific needs of each participant. It is one of the reasons why open training is less expensive than the standard training, dedicated to a specific client.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about quality. No matter if training is online or at a specific location, exclusive for a certain organization or open, high quality is always our top priority. Open training that we are inviting you now, will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset, that will allow you to work independently with FlexSim and develop advanced simulation models.

Training is provided in English.

Training cost

Training courseNet Price per person* (EUR)
Basic1 350,-
Advanced1 350,-
Basic + Advanced (both online and in Krakow)2 400,-

*Contact Krystian Kogut at krystian.kogut@flexsim.pl or +48 533 322 720 if you need a discount. Perhaps, he can help you. 😉

Upcoming FlexSim classes

BasicONLINEJune 3 – 5, 2024OPEN
AdvancedONLINEJune 6 – 7, 2024OPEN
BasicKRAKOW, POLANDJune 3 – 5, 2024OPEN
AdvancedKRAKOW, POLANDJune 6 – 7, 2024OPEN


To secure your seat in the FlexSim class, contact Krystian Kogut at krystian.kogut@flexsim.pl or +48 533 322 720.

Hurry up! The number of seats is very limited, as we prefer small groups aiming for the high quality of the training.