Consulting and modeling services

Currently, the simulation offers the greatest opportunities for analyzing and improving systems. However, we know that sometimes, specially at the beginning of an adventure with FlexSim software, building a model of the process on your own might be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help you make your first steps in 3D simulation world!

What we offer?

  • Production and assembly lines optimization.
  • Internal transport optimization.
  • Logistic loops planning.
  • Creating tools and simulation models to support a daily management (production planning, feasibility control of plans, resource management in the process).
  • Support in planning new investments – check your plans in a virtual investment model without risk and almost costlessly.
  • Creating tools and simulation models to support traffic management during the events (pedestrian logistics simulation).
  • Easy, based on expert knowledge, decision making regarding shifts in the process.
  • Support in making further steps in creating simulation models.


What else is possible?

The challenges faced by companies focused on continuous development are hard to close in one, even the most extensive list. Do you something else than we proposed? Feel free to contact us!

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