Fitim Kurti

Partner in Croatia

Bachelor of Pyro technology from the Polytechnic of Velika Gorica and Master of Business Economics from the University of North in Varaždin.

Since 2017, a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Economics, International University in Travnik. Assistant (since 2017) and lecturer (since 2020) at the Department of Logistics and Sustainable Mobility of the University North of Koprivnica, in the courses Sustainable Logistics Systems, Logistics Systems Planning, Urban Logistics, and Intelligent Cities and Urban Economy.

Twenty years of experience in entrepreneurship, business development, and management of companies in the field of demining, tourism, import, and distribution of cosmetics, import and distribution of dog food, organization of dog training centers, textile trade, construction, beauty salons, transport and event logistics, and fair exhibitions. EOD 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree. He speaks several languages. Licensed deminer, explosives expert, long-term Demining Site Manager,

He holds certificates: The Business Process Simulation Modeler and The Process Flow Consultant.

Since January 2020, he has been the representative of FlexSim InterMarium in Croatia.

Father of two children. Amateur diver, skier, parachutist, cyclist, sailor. He loves dancing, good food, nature, dogs.


tel.: +385 916 487 260