Report from V FlexSimposium PL 2017

dr Witold A. Cempel, President of the Board of InterMarium, during the opening ceremony of the 5th edition of FlexSimposium 2017

We encourage you to read the summary of the 5th edition of FlexSimposium PL.

The 2017 in many aspects was a breakthrough year for the presence of FlexSim in our part of Europe. The newly established company – InterMarium, not only took over from Cempel Consulting all activities related to strengthening the position of FlexSim as a leader in the process simulation in Poland, but above all created conditions for activity on the international level.

This breakthrough was also visible in the fifth, and thus jubilee edition of the International Scientific Conference of Experts in Modeling in FlexSim – FLEXSIMPOSIUM PL. For the first time it was a two-day event and for the first time it went beyond the walls of academic institutions. Here is a brief account of this event:

The conference took place on 12th – 13th of September, in elegant Rubinstein Hotel placed in Kazimierz, Krakow. Dozens of representatives of the world of science and business, listened to several lectures and took part in the FlexSim modeling workshops.

The main speaker was Professor of Mississippi State University and Poznan University of Technology, Allen Greenwood, undisputed authority in the field of process simulation, author of “Applied simulation, modeling and analysis using FlexSim” – extremally popular book. Professor explained in a convincing and transparent way why simulation should be used by enterprises in the decision making process. Whole text of the lecture by prof. Greenwood can be downloaded here [link to the presentation].

Among the foreign guests there was also the co-founder of the FloWorks module and the head of the Talumis company, Mr. Dirk-Jan Moens. He presented a case study illustrating the use of FloWorks in the chemical industry. At this point it is worth adding that InterMarium has been recognized by Talumis as the exclusive FloWorks distributor in the so-called InterMarium.

Professor Paweł Pawlewski from Poznań, together with his co-worker and PhD student, M.Sc. Eng. Kamila Kluska, as representatives of the autonomous Poznań team (SOCILAPP) of the InterMarium company, operating at the Poznań University of Technology, informed the audience about progress of their work on the LogABS system, which operates on the foundation of the FlexSim program.

The presentation shown by Director of FlexSim at InterMarium, engineer Dawid Dąbal, aroused great interest. Mr. Dąbal has presented several case studies from various industries, once again proving how versatile tool is FlexSim.

The plenary session was closed by the presentation of PhD students at the University of Science and Technology in Kraków, and at the same time employees of InterMarium, engineer Monika Klaś, MSc and engineer Krzysztof Jurczyk, MSc: “The effectiveness of the modeling process depending on the choice of the right tool”.

The second half of the first day and the first half of the next day participants spent on modeling workshops for beginners and advanced users, conducted by architects of simulations from the InterMarium’s headquarters in Krakow. As a part of the workshop, each participant was equipped with the full one month version of FlexSim software licence. All the participants acknowladged the high level of classes and coaches professionalism. No wonder – they had the opportunity to learn from the best!

However, one who would think that FlexSimposium PL is just about learning and working would be wrong. There was plenty of time to integrate the FlexSim user community during lunches and coffee breaks, and above all during a gala dinner, after the first day of the event, that lasted until midnight. Everyone had a great time, and besides numerous toasts, the dinner was graced with a great cake with a huge FlexSim logo.

We still have to present you with a photorelation by Piotr Trzciński and invite you to the next edition of this wonderful event.