Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is most aware of the value of every minute of the production cycle and the meaningfulness of each, even the slightest optimization.

In this industry, a simulation approach to process optimization is supporting the production engineers in meeting demanding production time standards.

FlexSim supports prototyping of production lines, creating optimal schedules, provides in-depth analysis and process optimization. Thanks to FlexSim, companies reduce operating costs, increase production efficiency and gain further levels of excellence.

FlexSim can help you in:

  • evaluation of production capacity after the factory site expanding,
  • simulation of sequential deliveries,
  • sub-assembly positions modification,
  • creation of the assembly line model,
  • sequence analysis of composite product elements manufacturing,
  • optimization of the transport of parts from an external warehouse,
  • the safety margin determining,
  • the insourcing process analysis.


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